The Day of the Dead. Yes, we are honoring the passing of our loved ones as well as the Ancestors that paved the way before us, but we are also being reminded of our own mortality as well. The Truth is that we are all going to die one day and to die really well is also a part of living really well. It is the natural order of the Life/Death Cycle. The true Duality that Los Muertos is here to remind of us. The Shadow that follows us every where we walk. The aspects that are deep inside of us that we all fear.

We can spend a huge part of our time running from our  own Shadow doing our best to pretend it's not even there. Time will always catch up to us however and you cannot out run Father Time.  What do we do?

Stop running, she is nothing to be afraid of but to embrace and to welcome! This is a part of living and the most natural thing in this world. She comes to us all and when that day comes we can say we lived really well with no regrets! I don't know if you get a brownie point in the afterlife for doing a great job or not but I can assure you it makes for a much happier existence in your Todays. Being fully present with all of our very precious moments by not getting caught up in the small fires of drama or attachments that will only be yesterdays news tomorrow. Choose instead to  be here right now, embracing all the Beauty that is right here before us in all of its perfect imperfection. She is here to remind us to live! To embrace each day fully giving forward of ourselves the very best we have to offer nurturing what we have already have created and manifested in our world. Especially your relationships that bring so much happiness, love and support. This is where your Gold is each and every day. 

Happy Dia de los Muertos! 

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