Being able to tune into another person's emotions, and feel it as if it were your own. This can be very confusing for some if you are unaware that this is an ability you have.  I know for myself, I felt like an emotional wreck not being able to sort out the difference between what I personally was feeling and that of another. This can even reflect physical pain. If I'm sitting in a room with a friend that has knee pain, I will begin to feel knee pain as well. The benefits of being an Empath, however, are you can always tell when someone is lying :-) and is very beneficial working as a healer in lots of different fields. 

This is a case by case solution. Every home and individual is different. I would say a standard response to this would be to say I encounter each situation in prayer and rely heavily on Divine Guidance on what steps to take. I do believe everyone has the ability to cleanse their own home if you are able to take on Authority and claim your Space as your own and for the Light. Sometimes however just like we cant smell when our trash needs to be taken out because we have become accustomed to the odor, it helps to have a fresh perspective and some assistance. 

Reiki is a form of energy work developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan. Since then however it's taken several energetic forms all with using Universal Energy for healing through the use of hands on techniques. This can also be performed Long Distance by using a form of sympathetic magick targeting on a certain individual so they can recieve this abundant form of loving, healing energy sitting in the comfort of their own home. I also use a form  that works within all 7 layers of the human aura.This can be helpful for  various reasons including removal of Earthbound Spirits, Psychic Attack, Hexs & Curses, Relationship Cord Cutting, ET Implants, or simply Dis-Ease within the Body due to Emotional Blockages. I've been a Reiki Master for over 18 yrs using Channeled Guidance to assist in your Self Healing

Divination works in a world where "No Time" exists. You are simply looking past what is right in front of you to a broader sense of "Time" to the place where Potentiality lives.  There it is a very predictable outcome because energy flows like a river and with the help of Tarot Symbols & Spirit Guides you can determine what is coming next. This puts you in the driver's seat to be better prepared to ask Spirit what your next "best step forward" is. Then we are able to control the outcome acquiring the desired results we wish to achieve.

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