Fenix is a barefoot nature walker with Cajun roots and a free spirit. She communes with the ancestors, both living and departed. Her bountiful spiritual journey has led Fenix to life, work, and service as Lakota Sundancer and ceremonial leader, light and energy worker, and Reiki master.

She has been a professional tarot reader and spiritual advisor for over twenty-five years, and has earned glowing reviews and high praise from those who seek her guidance. Even in everyday conversation, Fenix shines with an ebullient sense of humor, a contagious smile, and both sensitivity and strength.

In her personal time, Fenix nurtures herself with nature walks to stay grounded, regular hikes with her animal and human companions, bellydancing, and occasional social media check-ins for her friends and fans to follow the unending action and stay connected with community. Talk to Fenix by appointment for services including:

• Tarot reading • House blessing • Energy work •

Located at Brunwick Courtyard

115 N 10th, Ste A109
Fort Smith, AR
(479) 218-9321

By Appointment Only.
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